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Sell Vehicle In Wellington

Car Wreckers Kiwi was set up with an aim to help people of New Zealand sell vehicle in Wellington without wasting any time.

We understand that when you think of selling your unwanted, damaged, or wrecked car, you would either decide on visiting a second-hand dealer or try to take things in your own hands, which means all the nasty work would be required to be done by you and that would waste a lot of your time.

There are numerous procedures included like listing the vehicle, speaking to numerous people who come up with lame queries, and lastly waiting for the people to show up at your doorstep. As daunting as the process seems to be, it could take you weeks, months, or sometimes even years to get rid of your unwanted vehicle. What’s worse is that you can’t be even assured about whether you will receive a fair deal.  

This is the reason why we set up Car Wreckers Kiwi. The company helps you sell vehicle in Wellington easy. We don’t offer you wrong assessments or deviate from the original offer we made to you during our telephonic conversation. We strive to offer you a hassle-free and flawless way to sell your vehicle and receive the cash amount it was worthy of. 

Our Team

The team of professionals at Car Wreckers Kiwi is experienced in the industry with a fair idea of the market value of your car. You can be assured of dealing with professionals who are aware of the minutest details of the vehicle and end up receiving a fair deal. We hold pride in our business ethics focusing on our honest approach, our integrity, and our knowledge of how the industry works.  

Get Instant payment

Once you’ve agreed upon the price deal offered, we would be offering you the cash amount right on the spot before towing away your vehicle from the property. This means you won’t be bothered anymore about having sold your vehicle but still waiting to receive the payment. With Car Wreckers Kiwi, your vehicle selling procedure is well taken care of all the while ensuring you receive speedy payment.