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Sell Your Van Wellington, Lower & Upper Hutt

Car Wreckers Kiwi helps you get rid of your old and unwanted junk by buying and removing vans for cash. We offer the clients lucrative cash quotes over the phone and also on the web portal through our Get instant Quote form. As convenient as quick price quotes can be, the van owners can speedily make up their minds whether they want to sell their van to Car Wreckers Kiwi. We deal in buying wrecked van of any condition, make and model. Once the cash quote is accepted by the client, we carry out the van removal process without any adieu, same day when it suits the clients or any other day depending on his convenience. 

Van Removal Specialists

Vans are vehicles that are heavy in both weight and size and thus the need to hire the professional wreckers having specialization in wrecking is highly important. Car Wreckers Kiwi is a company that holds years of expertise and experience in dealing with van wrecking. Unlike the amateur wrecking companies, Car Wreckers kiwi takes all the aspects into consideration and provides a price quote that would suit you and would justify the true value of your vehicle. We hold specialization in wrecking vans of all brands and conditions and it is after confirming these aspects that we quote a price deal.

Don’t Leave your House or Office

The professionals at Car Wreckers Kiwi visit your place to tow away the van without you having to shell out any money for the towing expense. We visit your place and remove the vehicle from your property without any charges. All you need to do is inform the time when you’d want us to be there. The van removal services timing can be scheduled over the phone and the process can be carried out the same day.

Get Top Dollar By Selling Van

No matter the condition of your van, Car Wreckers Kiwi pay you top dollar for it. We procure vans and then recycle them salvaging the parts that can be refurbished and reused. Give us a call today or fill the get instant quote and receive the best deal in return for your wrecked van.