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Genuine Second Hand Car Parts in Wellington NZ

At Car Wreckers Kiwi, we understand that perfect auto parts specially used car parts in Wellington is extremely difficult to find, particularly when there are tons of manufacturers who come with lots of model parts.

The second-hand parts available at Car Wreckers Kiwi are recycled using eco-friendly techniques. Not just this, we make sure the parts are cleaned and tested before selling them to you. The fact that they would be offered high quality used parts gives our clients peace of mind that they are fitting the right parts in their damaged vehicles and that they’ve made a fair purchase.

Car Wreckers Kiwi prides in the largest database of car parts for sale and used car parts in Wellington. We offer the most extensive list of the auto parts when you’re seeking for trustworthy and credible parts from local wreckers.

Car Wreckers Kiwi is a known and reputed supplier of authentic auto parts for cars all across New Zealand. With us, you can be assured of purchasing the second-hand auto parts that are authentic and won’t hurt your bank account.

Car Wreckers Kiwi proves to be an online portal that helps you get the car parts that are difficult to come across by. This means you don’t get to spend a whole lot of money on buying new car parts that are expensive, rather you can spend almost half the amount to purchase car parts that work equally well.

When visiting Car Wreckers Kiwi, you will be dealing with happy team members who are not just friendly and helpful but also know what they are doing, and also offer the required assistance whenever asked for.

The car parts you get from Car Wreckers Kiwi prove to be the best option of getting parts that are economical yet restore your car back to working condition. So, if you’re looking for salvaged car parts, instead of paying a huge amount, opt for the dealer that offers you the best deal in pocket-friendly prices.

Car Parts for Sale

Give us a call and we can help you out in finding the right parts for your car. We can ship the parts to you if you give us a green signal. To be more efficient we upload loose part in our stock list every day to save our customer time. Click here to find the part, which is sitting on our shelf and is ready to go. We also have the listings for complete cars, which are in the queue to be wrecked.

Our car spare parts are genuine and reliable that come from a large supplier network, so we stock a huge range of mechanical components, panels and parts. Our range of auto parts and mechanical parts include:

Engines, manual gear boxes, automatic transmissions, suspensions, air conditioning units, power steering systems, exhaust systems, alternators, starter motors, radiators, air compressors, air condensers,  turbos, differentials, steel rims, tyres, bonnets, headlights, tail lights, guards, doors, door glasses, mirrors, front and rear windscreens, tail gates, boot lids, interior car parts, electric and manual window mechanisms, door trims, floor mats, seats, audio head units, glove box, console unit, air vents, instrument cluster, steering wheel, front & rear bumper bars, tow bars, bull bars, nudge bars, batteries and much more.

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