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Environment Friendly Car, Auto, Van Recycling Wellington

At Car Wreckers Kiwi, we don’t believe in the conventional approach towards recycling, i.e. taking out a few parts and then scrapping off the vehicle. Eco-friendly Car Recycling Wellington, which means recycling the vehicle completely, is what we deal with. We pride in offering the best deal for junk cars depending upon the numerous factors including the weight, the number of parts that can be salvaged, the amount of metal, and finally the size of the vehicle. Call us today and receive the best deal for your unwanted, damaged, or wrecked car and we assure to of Car recycling wellington it in an eco-friendly manner.   

Car & Auto Recycling Wellington

Having been in the wrecking industry for years, we have the expertise and knowledge that does make a difference. It’s not just putting the best deal in terms of cash in the hands of our valuable clients, but also in the manner we recycle the vehicle. We have a team of car experts who are in sync with the latest techniques used for auto recycling wellington the vehicles in an eco-friendly manner.

As Car Wreckers Kiwi, we don’t make an exception with the quality, make, or model of the vehicle. Whether yours is a damaged, wrecked, rusted, or unwanted vehicle, we buy it all and salvage the parts that can be recycled and reused in the industry along with the scrap metal with very little to go in the junkyard.    

Our team adheres to the recycling laws and regulations in New Zealand and recycles the vehicles keeping these business ethics in mind. Following techniques that are technically advanced, we work on vehicles and offer you top dollars in return. The procedure followed for auto recycling wellington ensures the safety of the environment from the hazardous fluids, emissions, and waste that would have otherwise ended up in the landfill.   

Best Vehicle Recycling Wellington

Our team at Car Wreckers Kiwi is skilled and knowledgeable in working on the techniques on car parts including degassing the air conditioners, disposing of the used oil, and scrapping the car metal. This is the reason we are loved by our clients and are considered to be the best in the industry of vehicle recycling wellington .    

We make sure to recycle and resell each and every part of the car to the best of our capabilities. The current industry trend has witnessed a soar in the demand of recycled parts and thus it ensures you receive a great deal in return for your car. Once the functional parts are removed from the vehicle, we then drain out the fluids, and liquids from the vehicle and draining them safely. Once the fluids are disposed of safely, we further take out the batteries that could be hazardous ensuring complete safety. This procedure ascertains our superior quality eco-friendly vehicle recycling procedure.

Car Wreckers Kiwi cares about the environment and makes sure that only the best industry practices are deployed for vehicle recycling wellington. With us, you can be assured that your vehicle would be worked upon by the industry specialists and recycled in an environment friendly way.