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Welcome to the online home of Car wreckers . We are a company that does just what our name implies; we pay you for your cars. Get rid of junk or unwanted cars, vans & trucks from your property with “proven best car removal services” from car wreckers Removal Service, conveniently located throughout Wellington, Wairarapa, Palmerston North region wide coverage to provide better service for our customers. We serve in almost every area of New Zealand. At Car wreckers, our priority is to be your first choice! With over 25 years of experience, we ensure you satisfactory service! We believe in being fair and upfront with our customers. Just fill out the form here on our site, giving all the detailed information about your car, and our experienced, knowledgeable and friendly staff will make you an offer. If you decide to sell us your vehicle, we will give you cash right away. Call one of our car removal specialist to receive the highest price possible for your unwanted car with guaranteed pricing and free towing. Call Us today!

Cash for Cars Wellington, Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt, Porirua

Need to sell your old car? Think no further and choose Car Wreckers Kiwi. We make selling your junk car incredibly easy and convenient. It is so simple that you won’t even have to take a step out of your house to know the value of your car. If you have been wondering and bothered by how much your scrap would offer, we can provide you lucrative numbers in pocket and cash for unwanted and used cars wellington and that too without having strangers visit your home for having a look at your vehicle. All you need to do is enter your car’s registration number and click on “Get Instant Quote”.

On the Spot Car Evaluation

At Car Wreckers Kiwi, we offer you an option of on the spot car evaluation via online mode where we offer an estimate for your car according to the present used car prices in the industry. We provide Cash for Cars Wellington, Upper Hutt, Lower Hutt, Porirua, Masterton, Paraparaumu, Kapiti and Levin. The price quote offered to you would be based on the condition of your car. So why not enter the registration number of your car and get the number balls rolling?

Benefits for cash for cars Masterton, Levin & Porirua

It just doesn’t get any simpler than this. Car Wreckers Kiwi promises a simple, safe, and an easy process to sell your old car at the best possible price for cash for cars Masterton and Levin. We buy hundreds of cars every week so we have a long list of customers who can vouch for our impeccable service.

Get Top Cash For 4wd

At Car Wreckers Kiwi, we boast of our uncomplicated and user-friendly procedure for selling the car. We say so because:

Evaluation Procedure

We buy unwanted and damaged vehicles and are in sync with the latest used car prices in New Zealand. With this information in hand along with the vehicle industry experience, we can ascertain you to offer the best price for your car. All you have to do is provide as much genuine and true information about the car as possible for helping us evaluate the true value of your car.

Car Buying Service that is Genuine and Friendly

Having experience of both selling and buying cars in the market Cash for Cars Wellington, Upper Hutt, Lower Hutt, Poriruawe are aware of how the remarketing procedure is becoming difficult because of the presence of hagglers. At Car Wreckers Kiwi, we are genuine, customer-friendly, and efficient in our approach towards making the car selling procedure easy for the clients, and helping ease out the risk factors associated with selling your car. We value our clients and hold them as our topmost priority and this is the reason we constantly take their feedback to improve the car selling procedure along with offering the best possible price. This approach gives confidence to the clients that their case is being looked after by experienced and efficient team members.

Our Company Mission

We strive to offer our clients with a level of cash for cars Wellington service that surpasses their expectations whilst being in constant touch with our reliable team to receive the best quote for their cars.

We are also stead-fast in offering solutions to the clients who are seeking genuine car valuation without any hassle and at the best price in the industry.

Best Approach to Sell your 4wd Car Fast

The whole car selling procedure is aimed at removing the hassles for our clients. Since we are visiting your place and are in return offering you a good deal, neither of us can afford to waste time because of misleading information from both ends. We believe no two cars are the same and hence, each inquiry is dealt with on an individual basis for ensuring a fair deal takes place and an authentic in offered for enabling accurate valuation.

Do remember, we buy cars of any make and model, and if you have a particular car in make to sell, you can find the details on our portal easily.

Receive a Call to confirm the Details Filled in

Whether is a real estate agent you are speaking with or any other car dealer, the second quote is often the best-offered ad different from the first one offered. This is what makes our industry different and in essence our qualified quotation procedure. To help us offer you the best deal, we would spend at least a few minutes on the phone to provide you the details of your car’s worth.

Remember, our approach towards offering you a good deal for your car is uncomplicated for you and once you’re convinced of the quotation, we would then visit your property to collect your car.

Cash for Unwanted, Used,& 4wd Cars Porirua

It’s not possible to offer you a guaranteed car valuation for Cash for Unwanted, Used, and 4wd Cars , Lower hutt , Upper hutt , Porirua without having evaluated the vehicle in person. We urge you to kindly steer clear of any wrecking service provider who claims to offer you a great deal otherwise. However, with the accuracy of the information shared and the authentic and client-friendly practices followed at Car Wreckers Kiwi, the price quote offered would be very close to the one offered after evaluating your car in person. This is important for ensuring you receive the true value of your car and don’t end up getting paid less.

Collect your Cash for Unwanted, Used, and 4wd Cars

Once the online quotation is agreed upon by you, our licensed and experienced team member would visit your property to evaluate and inspect the car for Cash for Unwanted, Used, and 4wd Cars . Once the deal is finalized, the payments shall be cleared and the committed amount will then be paid in cash on the spot before we leave.

Do remember, client comfort is our priority and that’s why we tow away your vehicle without you having to pay an extra shilling.

At Car Wreckers Kiwi, we are steadfast in offering our clients with an accurate and genuine price for and Cash for Unwanted, Used, and 4wd cars , Lower hutt , Upper hutt , Porirua the whole process takes just a few minutes of your day. So, you get rid of your car and get a fair deal in return without any hassle.


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Our Mission is to help you sell your unwanted car fast and easy. Avoid paying for ads, scheduling inconvenience, viewings and spending money for repairs and maintenance.

We would happy to Buy your Unwanted Car!

At Car Wreckers Kiwi, we buy almost any car and we would like to buy yours. We pride in our business ethics of being honest, professional, and responsive cash for junk cars wellington , which signifies our approach of offering you a fair deal for your car. You can be assured of a speedy sale process with zero hassle, and no concealed or an unforeseen fee.

Cash for Used Cars in Wellington, Porirua

Having been in the industry and dealing with buying and selling cars, we completely understand how tiresome the reselling process can be especially when dealing with hagglers. At Car Wreckers, our client’s comfort and trust in us is our prime focus for Cash for Cars Wellington, Porirua and we work tirelessly to offer them a fair deal in return for their car.

Cash for Unwanted cars in Lower Hutt & Upper Hutt, Masterton, Levin

The professional and experienced vehicle purchasers backed up with years of experience in the industry, look forward to providing you with honest and straightforward guidance Cash for Unwanted, Used and 4wd cars in Lower & Upper Hutt, Masterton, and Levin . All you need to do is book an appointment for evaluation and collection of the car on sale. Once the deal is done, we would ensure you receive the funds committed before the vehicle is towed.

It’s really that easy to get Cash for Unwanted, Used and 4wd cars

Get Instant Quote for cash for cars Masterton and Levin

Kindly ensure you fill in as much detail and information as possible. The accuracy of the information provided is reflected through the accuracy of the quote offered. Also, kindly ensure you provide us with genuine and correct contact details for our team members to contact you since they will be speaking with you to make the best deal out of our car valuation for cash for cars Masterton and Levin. With just a few minutes of filling in the details and a call from our representative will save you half a day’s time and effort of taking your car to other car wreckers and holding the same conversation.


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